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August 22, 2005

Born again in Brandon

One of the most prominent revisionist arguments posited by homosexual theologions is that the Sodom story was not about homosexuality per se, but about inhospitality. I agree in part, homosexuality wasn't the only sin of Sodom. Ezekiel 16:49 is very clear on that. Whether the inhabitant's sexual sins weighed more offensive to God than the other vices rooted is not known. But after reading this story, I saw the angry, inhospitable, violent nature of the spirit of Sodom as demonstrated by homosexual activists (and their adult industry cohorts) in Brandon, FL.

Some could argue that the protest in front of First Baptist is nothing more than free speech in action. Sure, but when its conducted in the same vengeful spirit homosexuals of Sodom acted in, there is no denying these two events are powered by the same spirit.

*They beat down Lot's door, demanding entrance in his private residence.
*They threatened to rape him if did not deliver the men(angels) to them.
*They were arrogant and haughty after Lot begged them not to commit such evil.
*Even after they were supernatually blinded they continued to grope until they became weary.

postscript: if never fails to amaze me that when homosexual activists get angry with us for telling the truth about that sin, they resort to slinging pornography (which is a spirit also)around. You should see/read the foul pornographic links and pornographic messages homosexuals have left on this blog. This is a common tactic used against conservative/religious sites which are against homosexuality. Perhaps they were right about the spirit of Sodom: inhospitality is an evil to which they are all too familiar with.