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August 19, 2005

Exodus "harasses" gays?

One of the mane kritcisms of Perspectives is that theyre misspelled wurds in some of the posts. First, only petty peeple waste tyme pointing out such things. But just to be a good sport and show them that we all can miss a wurd or too heare and thair, I wanted to point out the newly designed anti-Exodus flier posted by gay gossip blog Exgaywatch.

In its haste to put up the mock board, XGW had a major spelling and grammar error in line 5. It says "Question why Exodus is[sic] harasses those who have no desire to change..."

I forgive xgw, for they know not what they did do am (you know what Im trying to say). And a wurd to Xodus: stop harrasassasinng gays who don't what to change!

File in: Who cares?