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August 20, 2005

Lighthouse Policy calls for investigation

Linda Walls, executive director of The Lighthouse Policy yesterday issued a letter denouncing the Washington Post's article on exgays.

Ex-gays Denounce Article

Lighthouse Policy, a coalition of ex-gays, denounces the recent Post staff article, “Vowing to Set the World Straight,” which insinuates it is harmful for individuals to leave homosexuality. What a twisted piece of pro-gay propaganda!

It is time for a ‘showdown of truth’ beginning with a Congressional investigation into the “defrauding of the public” and the “reckless endangerment“ of the physical and emotional health of school children and adults by mental health groups that push homosexuality as normal, healthy and suggest that change from homosexuality is dangerous.

A smoke screen of misinformation has been blown in the faces of Americans every since the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders in 1973 with only one-third of the membership voting. The truth is that the decision was a political one and not based upon scientific studies. With the help of biased media that sham has continued for 32 years, but its end is in sight with the recent release of Destructive Trends in Mental Health by Roger Wright and Nicholas Cummings.

It is time for a new Revolution with ex-gays leading the way by calling on Congress to open an investigation that will shut this “Pandora’s Box of Sexual Perversion.” The time has arrived to hold someone responsible for three decades of the felony - defrauding the public.

Linda Wall
Director of Lighthouse Policy

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