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August 05, 2005

People look at the darndest things

File in funny, but true...

An entertainment blog (which I won't name) has posted a rather funny take about me and Perspectives. Being the good natured person that I am, with impeccably fine character and razor sharp wit, I read it and grinned a little myself. Although said site didn't want to contribute to giving me "energy", it nonetheless grudingly obliged with no less than nine (9)links in the short blog posting.

Particularly, they thought it funny that I would have the initials "DL". Of course, with all the attention on the low down practices of some gay black men, said site felt obligated to mention that "connection". I am an original DL by birth, not because of secret sex practices that devalue the men themselves (Romans 1) and any woman foolish enough to fall into their wicked web of deceit. However, if it will help advance my platform, I say go for it. It works for DL Hugley.

Said site, post and ensuing commenters fixate on some of the most strangest details. Among them:

  • the colors of Perspectives (its a template)
  • the color and pattern of the tie in my profile photo (which means Im not gay)
  • two "melodramatic" movies I like (which means I am gay)
  • a grammar blooper (which means I'm uneducated, never mind "ignotre" from said site)
  • my picture (which is "cute")
  • my picture (which "isnt cute at all")
  • and a APB for me in any Atlanta gay "clubs or bookstores"

    Said site's commenters would most likely excoriate heterosexuals if we were to make assumptions about gay people by the ties they wear, photos, movies, etc. Seems a bit shallow and petty, but oh well. Actually, that tie does look a little out of date. If you'd like to give me tie tips email me.

    Like I said, file in funny, but true.