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November 08, 2005


Today in Texas, right thinking citizens will speak loud and clear. Texas will not celebrate or tolerate homosexual marriage. Not now, not ever.

I urge all of my fellow Texas who know what marriage was meant to be to find their way to a polling booth and let their voices and sentiments be heard! Vote YES on Prop 2.

Here's the 411 so far from my neck of the woods.


Flawless said...

Hmmmm...As a fellow Texan, regardless if this passes or not, my vote will remain NO to Prop 2. I know what marriage was "meant" to be but if heterosexuals are the role models for marriage, then who would want any part in it? I seriously doubt that HE wanted marriages to be as they are now. Divorce, infidelity, abuse, neglect, and the list goes on. Are all those reasons why I should vote yes on Prop 2? Let you tell it, marriage is the epitome of excellence between heterosexuals ...

Move a mountain between you and I and you shall still see me standing there...~Flawless~

DL Foster said...

flawless you trying to make me famous?
you were doing okay, till you took an unecessary swipe. I'll let you figure out what it is. But uhhh who said "heterosexual marriage was the epitome of excellence"? When have I ever advocated for divorce, infidelity, abuse or neglect? Let me answer for you: never. However, flaws, oh flawless one, does not constitute failure. That's why Prop 2 and other amendments are necessary to preserve standards. Standards define a person, a people and a nation. Our standard is man and woman. Period. Anything else gets thrown out with the bath water.
And you get 3 free passes for being from Texas. Use them wisely, lol.