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December 14, 2005

Golden Globes go gay

Now premiering at an awards show near you: Tarnished Intentions! Nominated for every award available by an smug group of journalists social reconstructionists.

Don't expect Gollywood aka the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to recognize truth at the box office for its Golden Globe awards.

At least not truth, principles and ethics which fall outside of the matrix beliefs embraced by the prohomosexual Gollywood elites. That's what the London Telegraph is saying about Gollywood's push for homosexual activism through the movies.
With the emergence of movies such as Transamerica, Brokeback Mountain, Dying and others, the gay-is-really-ok crowds behind the Golden Globes discovered that the way to marginalize blockbusters like Passion of the Christ and Narnia is by shoving their celluloid versions of morality in the face of the American public. The HFPA is actually an organization of about 96 journalists who work in the film industry. How's that for bias? Considering the anti-Christian biases widely held by most MSM industry types, it leaves little to the imagination as to why broken movies such as Brokeback Mountain and another others about a men pretending to be women have drawn the social lust the HFPA.


Parklife said...

So you saw Brokeback Mtn.? You do realize its getting great reviews. Besides, I would think you would be more upset at movies like Jesus Magic.

Scott said...

Are you going to make this big of a stink about a movie when Kong opens?

A woman and an ape in love. Well I never!