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January 11, 2006

AIDS "education" a murderous farce

Are you young, single, black and at risk for AIDS? Before you believe the current load of horse manure being sold as AIDS education, you should consider a real protection plan for your life.

According to "All condoms have flaws or holes. These aren't poked into them intentionally by someone. They occur naturally in all latex condoms. The average hole size is 5 microns. A sperm is only 2.5 microns. An HIV virus that causes AIDS is only .1 micron. In one test, 33% (1/3) of the latex condoms leaked HIV sized particles! The diagram at the left top shows these sizes to scale.

The groups claiming to be the most knowledgeable about AIDS, but yet preside over climbing AIDS infection rates, are simply lining their pocket$ by criticizing any government effort that doesn't meet their approval. Us Helping Us, a black AIDS "education and awareness" group in DC are complaining about the an ad (left) aired by the National Institutes on Drug Abuse. Ron Simmons, UHU president, told the Southern Voice, "It implies that drug use and HIV came together." "It sounds as though if you get high you get HIV. If you protect yourself, you can avoid HIV." The CDC (a government agency) funds Simmons' group. Simmons must not have taken the time to check the statistics published by the group who gives him money to spout the type of drivel he does.

The Blame-for-Fame Game
This is why death and disease continue to stalk young black gay men. It also explains why, after millions of dollars of extorted grant money the government has poured into AIDS "education", some people in the US are still too dumb to know there is no protection in condoms. Of course, idiotic pied pipers like Colin Robinson thinks that AIDS is caused by "homophobia". With that kind of escapist mentality harbored by supposed gay AIDS educators, its no wonder why young black homosexual men continue contracting the disease at record numbers. Robinson and other boneheads at the Black AIDS Institute are positive that everybody except black homosexual men are the cause for them getting AIDS. What is clear is that the groups touting "safe sex" and "protection" know they are peddling lies. None of it works. How could it when so many people are still getting the disease? How long and how many people will die because groups like Black AIDS Institute and US Helping Us continue to advocate and disseminate information which kills?
Dr. Theresa Crenshaw, a past president of the American Association of Sex Education, Counselors and Therapists speaking to a group of sex educators said, "I asked them (800 people) if they had available the partner of their dreams and knew that person carried the (AIDS) virus, would they have sex, depending on a condom for protection? No one raised their hand!" Take note that these are the people telling you condoms protect you from the deadly HIV virus - yet they wouldn't risk it themselves!

The government doesn't need to spend another dollar upholding this farce. The current AIDS education needs to be completely overhauled and while they're at it, arrest its "leaders" as accessories to murder.


Scott said...

What "Abortionfacts" neglects to tell you is the actual fact that the 5 micron "hole" study was actually a study on LATEX GLOVES, not condoms.

So is it ok for somebody to lie to advance what they think is a worthy cause?

DL Foster said...

latex in condoms different from latex in gloves? Wow, what a novel concept!

Scott said...

Very different actually in the way they are manufactured and controlled.

If you took time to do the research you'd know that.

DL Foster said...

so that explains why so many people are dying. They just dont research enough. Gee, you oughta go into the AIDS business.

Scott said...

Wow, flip and dismissive.

Why can't you answer the substance of my questions? They're honest questions that I would love to see the answers to from you.

I value your opinion.

DL Foster said...

Easy. Your question has no substance, therefore not worthy of a substantial answer. 'Flip and dismissive' is about the best I can do with such a question. It lacks what I consider honesty. Instead, it smells of something Judas Iscariot might ask Jesus.

There's plenty of my opinion in this blog for you to answer your questions. If you want to be lazy, that's up to you.

Scott said...

So I guess "debate" isn't your thing.

Actually, I'm ok with your answers fo far. I'm not here to change your mind.

Anyone reading can figure it out.


DL Foster said...

Right, you and most of the gay activists who parade through here are looking for a platform to spout their agenda. Im not looking to change your mind either. Hence, my disinterest. Hint: people who want honest discussion don't ask questions with hidden agendas. I suggest if you really wanted to "debate", you should use your own blog and do it.

CK said...

Wow. DL, if you recommend ministering graciously (the book in your sidebar), why not just reply to Scott's concern? He is right about the difference between latex gloves and condoms.

[Condoms are not sperm sieves, nor are they 100% effective. Studies (we've got piles of NEJMs in our house--I could look one up) show that errors in use cause most problems.]

That doesn't mean that you cannot make your points about the 'gay lifestyle' in another manner.

For me to say "All Christians are bigots" would be inappropriate and wrong--but that doesn't mean I don't have reason to voice an opinion about specific Christians who may have bigoted viewpoints (there are some--check out

Just a thought...

DL Foster said...

I really don't see any connection between "ministering graciously" and answering an agenda driven question...whatever it may be. Why am I inclined to entertain such foolishness? Would anybody?
Im having a hard time following what youre getting at. If you want to call all Christians bigots, isnt that your right? I do agree there are bigots in any culture/subculture.
[check out]

So its your educated contention that millions of people are being infected with HIV and dying with AIDS because of ..."errors in use"?


CK said...

DL, what I was trying to say is that it seems like part of being gracious, at least in my opinion, is to give the benefit of the doubt to another's words. Take them at face value. If I were asked by someone, as you have, to justify my perspective, I would do so gladly.

Instead of mocking your spelling errors (probably just typos) or seemingly sarcastic tone (which I'll assume I'm reading into, rather than out of, your words), I'll just clarify.

I didn't say that all infections from HIV or AIDs were due to errors in use of condoms. Many people simply practice unsafe sex. Similarly, some pregnancies could be caused by improper use of condoms. But I'm not going to chalk all pregnancies up to that--it would be wrong.

Here is just one study about the problems with education in condom use.

Finally, yes, it's my right to call people bigoted. True. And it's your right to call people with differing opinions trolls . But I would hope that those of us who offer up our words and blog-space as opportunities for dialogue would do better.

(And yes, I did link here from XGW, but I would hope you would take my words at face value, or look at other posts I've made, and give me the respect that I'm offering to you. Thanks.)

DL Foster said...

Im not sure why I should care whether you appreciate my tone, typos or otherwise. I mean I have no obligations to you. Right now you seem to be intent on advocacy for a DOA issue. It has been given more than the benefit of the doubt and deemed useless.

And I think that people who ape over typos online are trite and petty, so please leave that alone.

If you are attempting to talk to me about my post and why despite so called safe sex, condoms and AIDS awareness, people continue to contract a deadly disease then make your case. If Im not mistaken, gays are at the helm of the AIDS awareness industry.

The people who wrote the report you referenced are from a left wing sex education outfit. Not qualified in my book. They are the very reason people are continuing to die. Their solution: just learn how to put a condom on the right way.
Isnt that inherently condescending as well as irresponsible advice?
Regardless of all of their "smart" little pronouncements, people are still dying and according to its a matter of learning to put a condom on the right way. And this information is culled from 102 college women.