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January 26, 2006

CSSMM distorts military readiness

Although expresident Bill Clinton's Dont Ask Dont Tell policy is a catastrophe for the nation's Armed Forces, it still allows a measure of humane intentions in the dismissal of closeted homosexuals who enlist but dont wan't to remain in service to the country.

Its no wonder that because of the fearmongering drumbeat of antiwar sentiment by left wing "peace" fanatics, some recruiters are struggling to meet retention and recruitment objectives. Its quite possible that many good men and women would, under different circumstances, join the military. But our country has experienced several devastating challenges and yes, it has affected the way people feel and think about their futures.

But is a circumstantial lull in recruitment a valid reason to force the miltary to play around with social experimentation? Gay activists do. Their demands seem to hold little regard or understanding for the safety and security of our nation. Their goal is "equality", even if we are all damned in the process. A simplistic solution on the surface, but it holds long term erosive effects for our nation's security readiness. To bolster the false concepts of equality, one group is now claiming that military readiness is hurt because 244 gay medical specialists were ejected.

The Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military implies that our troops cannot get the job done without gays. According to the CSSMM's website, its mission is to "promote the study of gays, lesbians, and other sexual minorities in the armed forces." There is so much intentional manipulation of the facts by this group, its shameful and indicative of their lack of concern with our nation's security.

Dr. Aaron Belkin, Director of CSSMM and an associate professor of political science at University of California, Santa Barbara, said the discharges provide evidence that the gay ban is hampering military readiness. "The consequences of shortfalls in medical specialists during wartime are serious," he said. "When the military lacks the medical personnel it needs on the frontlines, it compromises the well-being not only of its injured troops, but of the overextended specialists who have to work longer tours to replace those who have been discharged."
Here's whats really behind this rainbow curtain of lies:
  • 1. The "expert" is a gay activist. To think that Dr. Aaron Belkin is simply trying to promote "study" of homosexuals with no hidden agenda is to put it mildly, childish. Belkin and his cohorts are out to manipulate numbers and situations which will make the military appear unable to function without homosexuals.
  • 2. The press release uses word play to evoke emotional association with homosexuals who are indentified by DADT. CSSMM calls DADT a "gay exclusion policy" when it is exactly the opposite. DADT allows homosexuals to be a part of the services as long as they adhere to its rules.
  • The Army's troop allocation is a little over two million strong (I havent confirmed that yet). Now, including its reservists, it numbers at about 1.2 million. While that is 1/3 less than what it was during the first Gulf War, it is nonetheless adequate to handle current missions. The actual problem (if it is that) is only with the Army. With that exception all of the other services met or exceeded their recruitment goals for fiscal year 2004 Are we to believe then that 244 medical personnel discharged under DADT have hurt readiness?.
  • 4. That CSSMM would mention the 244 is, on its face, completely ludicrous. This occured not in one year or even two, but over a ten year span. That amounts to a whopping estimated average of 24 people per year. These people were not exclusively assigned to the Army.

    While homosexual activists groups continue to play games with our nation's security by deceptive press releases and agenda driven "studies", real men and women are putting their lives on the line to defend their right to do so, however specious and underhanded it might be. That's the beauty of America.

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