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January 23, 2006

hatewatch petition coming

There is no real petition yet, although I anticipate starting one real soon. I think its time we sent a mega message to the mean spirited people at exgaywatch that its unAmerican to engage in such callous, rock throwing attacks on people of faith.

Stay tuned!

Okay, I know you are saying Joe, what does this quote mean and how does it relate to this….I would be so happy to tell you. The difference between my petition to Stephen and Irene and DL’s tirade? I would be so happy and proud to have Stephen and Irene to dinner to talk about "stuff". To see their point of view and hope they would hear mine. I do not see them as my enemy. I do not see them as evil. I think their intentions are pure, but misguided. I have chosen to bring them truth in love. I am not out to humiliate them, make fun of them, (even though I may have before I discovered Soulforce, Gandhi and non-violence….and I am truly sorry for that) and I am certainly not out to make a point. I am out to make a change in the world. I am out to be the change I seek. I want them continue their mission, but without dehumanizing those of us that do not agree with them. Without the flawed science and lies. I would hope that my petition would at some point bring the truth to them, or stop and make them think, that maybe, just maybe they really are hurting more people than they help. I want to sit and talk with them about how they can continue their mission without hurting people. The difference is love vs. vengeance.
So says Joe Brummer. He says that he has reformed himself through the teachings Ghandi, but is he really reformed? Joe seems to think that fairness is onesided. He seems to believe that he is completely justified in launching a campaign to shut down Stephen Bennett Ministries and the man's radio program. But even the hint of something simular directed at him and XGW cohorts brings Ghandi quotes about so called cowardice vs nonviolence. Either Ghandi or Brummer have had one too many hits on the peace pipe. I wonder what Ghandi would say about Brummer's unfair tactics? What would Ghandi say about Brummer's prejudicial conjecture about exgays? So he wants to meet with Stephen Bennett now? Excuse me for laughing, but that's funny. Sounds like that thing with President Bush and the NAACP. They trash the man at every turn and then get in the media and whine "he refused to meet with us...again!" Duh, get a clue.
So he wants the Bennetts to stop with the "flawed science and lies"? Excuse me again, but Brummer that's just your brand of worldview. You know, your own personal matrix. So they (we) are hurting people? The only people "hurting" are the ones who are blinded to the truth about homosexuality. If they would abandon that lie, it wouldn't hurt, truth would be celebrated. You hold on to the lie, you hurt because you want to believe that homosexuality is good and right. Its not and it never will be.

Now, the whole rah, rah about "nonviolence" is simply moot issue if you ask me. If a blog on blogspot (or wordpress) could be deemed violent because an individual articulates a point of view that opposes a social movement, then blogdom is currently saturated with evil. Including the two blogs that Brummer manages. There are thousands of blogs, radio programs, TV shows and internet sites for and against everything imaginable, so what Brummer in such a huff about? This is America. Even though I am not a Ghandi adherent, his adherents should engage in much more introspective evaluations. That would really change things. And ole Gandy would be happy.