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January 03, 2006

Is TBN afraid of Muslims?

One of my all time favorite Bible prophecy experts, Hal Lindsey has walked away from 12 years of prime time with the Trinity Broadcasting Network over its fears that Lindsey was "casting" Muslims in a negative light.

As Lindsey said in this article, how can you cast the murderers of over 3,000 Americans in a negative light when it is negative?
TBN has been walking very softly in the tolerance department since founder Paul Crouch was accused of having an adulterous homosexual relationship with a black man he paid almost half a million dollars to keep quiet about it. Caught up in the mix of the allegations was the infamously divorced Bishop Clarence McClendon who allegedly was the pastor of Crouch's homosexual partner. After his shameful divorce, McClendon was kept on the air at TBN as if nothing had happened.

I rarely watch the nation's largest "Christian" network anymore because it resembles Alice in Wonderland a little too much. But Hal Lindsey couldn't have made a better choice to leave for the real world. With such questionable ethics and morality etched into TBN's lineup, its no wonder they don't want anyone telling the truth about radical Muslims.

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Anonymous said...

thank you DL, I too have wondered if the Crouches and their cadre of preachers on TBN were even revelant anymore.