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February 11, 2006

The Dawitchy Code


Come closer, I have something private to tell you.
I can't let "them" know cause if they find out about this post my name will be all over their site! I feel like that Salmon Rushdie guy, these watchers are really out to get me so I have to keep it on the low for a while.
What I will do is drop some clues for you. Since this is a take off the Davinci code, you'll have to figure it out. If they find out they might come after me or worse...the airheads will put me on -gasp- permanent ban!
They have already "temporarily banned" me from their gossip coven because I won't agree with them behave.
Their wristwatches are wrapped a little too tight. They are so scared that if they link to this site, somebody will click on it.
When I read it, I broke out in fits of laughter.
They swear over and over they are "ignoring" this site, but for some reason continue incessant comments about it.
Hey, STOP LAUGHING, they really do that "over there". Since they monitor this site on a consistent basis, for hate speech, and evidence of uncivil discussion, I have to be very, very careful. I hear they have even got Gonzales, from the NSA spying on me (Dr. King would be proud). So if you put the codes together, you'll know who Im talking about, but promise me, oh promise me you won't let them know I told you this.

File in: hiddenhomohumor.