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February 09, 2006

Red, white and blue rainbows

Okay, so I am cautiously liking the Gay Patriot's blog. These guys (aka Bruce Carroll and Dan Blatt) have a sharp eye for calling the liberal gay establishment on its unAmerican policies. Its a nice respite to the shrill out of touch liberal talkboxes currently dominating the gay community's public image.

With occasional biting commentary detailing the incredibly wayward plans (or is that no plans?) and policies of the political left, GP typically leaves no stone unturned. Armed with a keen sense of equality, GP takes the gay liberati to task about its tow the line stance with the Democratic Party. I can respect a guy who can cast a critical eye on his own community and seek to bring attention to ideologies which reduce the quality of life for its members.

Of course, I am no expert on Gay Patriot. I do not know his positions on my triad of hot button issues such as gay marriage, hate crimes legislation or so-called homophobia. But from what I have seen, he's a real trooper. According to GP's About Us,"The GayPatriot blog will also continue to support the full expression of free speech, engage in humorous satire, and challenge the monolithic and entrenched moral, social and cultural views of the gay community and its national and local leaders."
Hmmm, refreshing.

Particularly interesting was his call for gays to arm themselves and support the right to bear arms (2nd amendment) as an appropriate response to violence against homosexual citizens. In his post Gays And Guns, The Constitutional Option, he argues

"...that gay people are protected by the Constitution with a specific right to bear arms if we choose."
I can support that because that's an American ideal. Instead of weeping and wailing about "hate crimes", why not arm yourself against violent aggressors? Its your constitutional right. But sadly, because the gay community can't get out of the hot tub of liberal policy, the unnerving wailing continues. Another good read is GayPatriot's explanation of gays and the military, another issue I can get intense about. “I love my country and want to serve in her defense.”
That's gay-less and straight-less. That's the way a soldier thinks.
GP, have your people get in touch with my people. Let's talk soon.

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