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March 07, 2006

'Love' Brummer style

Gay activist Joe Brummer is now quoting, with a religiously suspect tone, a man whom he doesn't even acknowledge as God. Particularly, he has zoomed in on the "love your enemies" angle. It makes me wonder if it isn't just a convenient euphemism to stop Joe's enemies, his original plan.

We should note that Brummer founded his whole "replace lies with truth" blog on the premise of stopping former homosexual turned evangelist Stephen Bennett from exercising his constitutional rights to speak against homosexuality. Brummer fired up a petition, rallied the troops and set out to force Stephen to reckon with him. Stephen apparently paid him no mind.

When that ploy failed to detonate, he set his sights on us. Although there was no "Stop DL Foster" petition, he expressed angst to his new Soulforce religion partners at not being able to reel me in. Brummer pitched a letter writing campaign idea to them to "win my trust" even though he viewed me as "racist and antigay". Not in that order.
Here's a sample of the conversation:

Brummer: I have been watching these ex-gay ministers for awhile now and I think I want to write a letter similar to the letters I have written Stephen Bennett, but this time to DL Foster. Not only is he really anti-gay but also very racist towards anyone not African American.

"Emproph": What do you think about posting these letters online as "open letters" in addition to sending them. I've googled and am now reading up on my new favorite "person" (adopt-a-bigot-day, Prayer-wise?), D L Foster. You give me the omissions Joe and I'll give you the deceptions. Whence that be done, they can be woven into a rich tapestry of talking points, or as those of us in the secular world call it, logic. I'm a philosopher, a kicking-bunnies-a**-gay-philosopher.

Brummer: The first letter to DL Foster should just go to him, privately and personally. It is when DL devides [sic] not to respond or not to take action when shown the truth. Then I would do a second letter that is an open letter.I ruely [sic] believe that these people do much damage.

Emproph: We need to get basal logic on their a**ess [sic], not about gay, about logic as in objective truth that their brains will be slave to remembering. Stop engaging them in a way that's perceived as engaging them, thats what they 'get off on, legitimate questions only, keep a record of their answers or lack of them. Therein lies our relentlessness.

"Zerbie": ...we are engaging the ex-gays in a push-pull scrimmage, and what we need is to break that utterly. . .and it needs to happen via something or someONE who already has the respect and attention of Bennett, Foster, et al.

The conversation ended abruptly on January 23, five days after it began.

As I thought about this latest ploy of Brummer's I couldnt help but think about how closely it mirrored the underhanded tactics of the Nehemiah's Biblical nemesis Sanballat. Chronicled in the 2-10 chapters of the book of Nehemiah, Sanballat's driving passion was to stop Nehemiah and his "small band of Jews" from rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. He began with heavy mockery and ridicule (chapter 2). When that didn't stop the work, he enlisted the support of two other low lifes Tobiah, an Ammonite official and Geshem an Arab to join him in the mockery.

When that ploy failed, Sanballat threatened to fight against them. Nehemiah and group continued to work. He also armed himself as a precaution (chapter 4).

Sanballat's next trick was to request a meeting in Ono, a village hundreds of miles from the worksite. Nehemiah refused Sanballat's offer to compromise. The real plan was to lure Nehemiah away and kill him.(chapter 6).

When that failed, Sanballat sent an aide with an open letter accusing Nehemiah of rebellion. The letter threatened to expose him to the Persian monarch Artaxerxes. Artaxeres has already given Nehemiah explict authority to rebuild the wall (chapter 6).

As the work raced towards completion, the final plot was to get "religious" on Nehemiah. Sanballat hired a Jew whom Nehemiah knew to invite him into into the temple and stay there as a refuge. The man falsely warned Nehemiah that Sanballat would attempt to kill him in the night and the only safe place was in the temple. The plot was to trap Nehemiah in the temple where he could not escape, then kill him there. He refused again to play along.
Because he stayed the course and refused to meet with his enemies, the wall was rebuilt in record time.

Memo to Joe and your sidekicks, Tobiah and Geshem: save your letters for someone who's interested. I'm not.

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