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April 19, 2006

Wheaton prof dissects Mel White's trickery

Although homosexual activist Mel White has hijacked constructed a persona of "nonviolence", at the expense of King and Ghandi's legacy, Wheaton College Professor Dr. Stanton L. Jones writes that White fails to make a solid case for homosexual affirmation. White's three main arguments he exploits to advance his Biblical revisionism are:

1. He draws us into reading the Bible through tragic stories of the victimization of gay and lesbian people, stories that are truly tragedies but told in a way that elicits from us guilt and empathy in such a way as to predispose us to distance ourselves from any moral condemnation of homosexual behavior.

2. He strips or reduces complex scriptural passages to limited core teachings in such a way as to pass over or bury the rich and challenging additional meanings they embody.

3. He raises doubts and fuels skepticism about the meaning of passages that have been essentially clear in the eyes of the Church for millennia.

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Wheaton College is next on the stop of White's activist road show who are seeking to bring negative press to schools who maintain traditional Biblical views on homosexuality.