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June 13, 2006

Does the mustache make the man?

Let's see where do I start?
Apparently, there is much consternation (weeping and gnashing of teeth as I like to call it) going on in certain camps about my post on the supreme commander of anti exgay forces in America Wayne Besen. His "plan" to do "battle" (his word) with the religious right and exgay community has come under direct and possibly sustained fire...from me.

So, a cheap little black "mustache" caused all this uproar? Well, that's what they say. I wonder what would have happened if I had put horns on his head?

Sometime tomorrow, I promise to take a closer look at this "battle plan" Herr Besen has xeroxed thoughtfully laid out. Hopefully, he hasn't switched any words around to make himself look, uhhh nice. Will der F├╝hrer's plan work? Will it backfire? Stay tuned.

Hitler mustaches courtesy of this guy.

I'm also quite surprised that Herr Besen is opposed to modifying other people's images. Especially, after he gleefully posted this "modified" image of the John and Anne Paulk's book whom he referred to as "media and money whores."

Guess who said this?:

"That some among us [gays] have little tolerance for used-gays receiving lucrative salaries for bashing gays is not entirely true. Some of us have the same deep and abiding affection for used-gays [exgays] that European Jews had for the Kapos that served their Nazi masters."

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