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June 19, 2006

Episcopals elect revisionist female bishop

Yep, folks she's progay.
Katherine Schori made that very clear in her new post as the presiding bishop-elect of the Episcopal Church, USA. Considering the breakneck speed of the race towards apostate godlessness the church has been on for the last two decades, their choice is no surprise. Having cast off the principles of Biblical holiness, the church's choice of Schori is a reflection of their darkened hearts and foolish minds. Those who elected her are lauding her "open heart". But is her heart more open to people's rebellion but closed to God's righteousness?

Schori pompously waved away Biblical moral standards, saying that homosexuality is "a given characteristic, not chosen." In predictable fashion, homosexual activists in the church were "thrilled."
One of Schori's challenges: consistently declining membership.

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