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June 17, 2006

Good News, Bad News

Which do you want first?

California Christian blogger Christine highlights and expands on a powerful statement originally made by the Independent Conservative. Darnell understood and articulated something that perhaps many Christians are just not getting about the complexities surrounding homosexuality. This is no casual debate, but one with huge implications which emanate from the spirit world.

Christine shares in her post at TalkWisdom this is a "spiritual battle, not a casual debate:

"What is the main message of the Bible? It all points to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross as our Substitute for our sins. In eternity, when we come face to face with the Living, Holy, Righteous Judge of the universe, we either choose to face Him with our own sins still upon our souls or with that sin debt paid in full through Jesus Christ's death on the cross and resurrection to life everlasting. He is the ONLY Mediator who enables us to cross over from eternal death (the second death) to eternal life with God in heaven."
The divisions over homosexual acceptance highlight a deep interpretive misunderstanding of the nature of God's Word. The Gospel is good news! The Gospel also tells us that the world has been held captive by bad news. What's the bad news? Man is a sinner, in rebellion to God. And man, through his best efforts to be "good", cannot save himself. The good news is that Jesus came to set the captives free. It is only through repentance and acceptance (faith) of Christ which enables man to live out the good news. When some Christians lead homosexuals to believe their behavior is not a part of the bad news, they immediately neuter the impact and power of the Good News. The powerful contrast of the two is necessary to understand the depth of Christ's love and sacrifice. Instead, these misguided Christians offer humanistic solutions to an eternal/spiritual issue. However, "equal rights" do not give you eternal life. Respect of your lifestyle does not give you eternal life. Fair treatment does not give you eternal life. There can be no true appreciation of the good news without a revelation of the bad news, just like one cannot understand victory unless there has been defeat. The bad news is that sin equals death.
The good news is that repentance from sin and accpetance of Christ equals life.
For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life. (Romans 6:23)

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