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June 24, 2006

Resources blooming for black ssa strugglers

When I started Witness Ministries ten years ago, I was shocked at the lack of online resources from the Christian perspective available to African Americans who struggle with ssa.

Upon searching the internet, I found maybe one, but it was poorly developed. I recognized that the internet was a place extremely under utilized in spreading ministry and hope to struggling black homosexuals. Consequently, two years later I founded which has developed into a major clearinghouse of information for people of color dealing with same sex issues. Message Magazine called it a "site rich with testimonies, resources and biblical guidance."

Although not as "popular" as it could be, it WFTW has nonetheless played a pivotal role in changing the lives of thousands of black men and women all over the country.

Thankfully, Witness Online has birthed many online resources and inspired many others to take their ministry, life and witness public for others to see and know that with God all things are possible.

I want to take time today to list as many of the resources as I can and say to each of them thank you for opening the doors for truth and shining a light in the darkness.

    Samantha Coleman Ministries
    Best of Men
    Miriam Is Out
    Closing the Closet
    Janet Boynes Ministries
    Love Lifted Me
    Equipping For Change
    Mighty Through God Ministries
    Victorious Living Ministries
    LifeLines Discipleship Program
    Witness For Women
    Out Of the Wilderness
    Monica Brown Ministries
    Restoration Ministries of Mobile
    A Good Thing Out of Nazareth
    Rescuing Ministries
    Jesus is the Answer Ministries
    WIRED Jamaica
    Nyleus Community Forums
    Laborers For Christ
    Restoration Ministries@St James Church