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July 07, 2006

Another significant loss for the Episcopal church

The rector and vestry of Christ Church, the US's largest Episcopal congregation, has decided they can no longer remain in fellowship with its parent denomination and are leaving "as soon as possible." The Plano, Texas congregation stated "the Episcopal Church has not only broken the faith and apostolic witness but appears determined to continue in that path. We cannot go with them."

In recent years, beginning with the sacreligious ordination of an open homosexual to the bishopric, the apostate leadership of the church has seemed hell bent to affirm and "bless" homosexual sin even to the destruction of its own communion. Understandably, many like Christ Church are calling it quits because such an anti-God agenda theatens to soil everyone.
Homosexual religionists, who are at the helm of the wanton destruction of the Anglican Communion want "full rights" in the church. Their demands disregard the Biblical truths which prohibit the celebration and affirmation of the sexually immoral. Christ Church's soon coming departure mirrors the recent departure of the UCC's entire Puerto Rican regional assembly which bolted from the church over its forced homosexual acceptance policies.
We applaud Christ Church for saving itself from this untoward and wicked generation of people who have invaded the church.

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