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July 26, 2006

Court case marriages falling apart

More agendas and lifestyles, part II
First, they touted how long they had been together as proof that so-called long term, loving, monogamous homosexual relationships do work.
Now, they are coming apart at the seams, because in actuality, they were just front cases for the activists judges to circumvent the will of the people and gay activists to score another social "win".

The latest court case marriage to disintegrate is that of Julie and Hillary Goodridge, the lead plaintiffs in the Massachusetts gay marriage lawsuit. This is a strange one indeed. Prior to their breakup, the women had plenty to say to the media. Goodridge and Goodridge allegedly had been together 17 years. Smiling, smooching, showing off their child. Now, three years after the court case wedding, they will only speak through a "communications consultant". Then, there was this marital epiphany of sorts only a child could see. The now de-relationshipped couple claimed the four year old child told them "they couldn't love each other because they weren't married."

I'm not saying they're lying, but that's one tall tale if I ever heard one. You got married because a four year old said you couldn't love each other unless you were? But the four year old wasn't smart enough to know that the two of you were women and two women shouldn't be married to each other, let alone "loving" each other? (In another story, they pair said that it was because one of the women couldn't see the child when she was born.) Wow, talk about agendas and lifestyles.


So...its about "commitment" and "trust"? At least, that's what they claim in these smiling, media-ready ads. See above.

But despite the failures, hard nosed activists are forging ahead to create the perfect court case marriage for America to see.
The man who married the Goodridges, William Sinkford, a black Unitarian gay rights supporter, on yesterday went further and signed onto a homosexual propaganda campaign called "Marriage Matters" The sheer hypocrisy of Sinkford to make himself a slave to the homosexual movement while criticizing black preachers who stand against gay marriage is astonishing. Also, I'm just wondering why they didn't get Goodridge and Goodridge to appear in the campaign? Funny, they were real popular when they could get the gays a court win.

Don't be fooled by the signers of Marriage Matters. They are primarily inhouse gay activists and leftist supporters. The religious ones are just that: religious, known more for their devotion to gay activism than devotion to God.

"America!", as Bernie Mac would warn, don't be fooled by court case marriages.

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