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September 08, 2006

Trooper pays homage to der Führer

"What I admire about Besen is his take-no-prisoners attitude. He understands that we have to counter the Radical Christian Right and its hateful rhetoric strongly and forcefully--without apology." --Libby Post

Wayne Besen, the headless horseman of the homosexual storm troopers brigade President of TWO, must have taken this as a glowing compliment. He posted it on his TWO site.

Post's remarks are a telling anatomy of the double-faced (sometimes tripled) hypocrisy Besen has become known for. Remember when I painted a Hitler mustache on his picture and compared his tactics to Hitler's? He fell apart and cried to Exodus to make me stop. After he had proclaimed he was ready to "do battle". Despite the feigned offense coupled with a coy and sheepish act he put on in the wake of hitlergate, Besen has rebounded. And the venom bullets are flying. Like his storm-trooper in training says she admires his ability to confront the "radical christian right" "strongly" and "forcefully".

Take-no-prisoners, huh?
Neither did Hitler.

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