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November 21, 2006

Cash strapped? Call in the gays!

Send me your tired, your poor your money laden gays? What's this? A new immigration policy?

No, but cities across the country have the discovered that great American cash cow named the gay community. And they are falling over themselves to get paid. Atlanta was one of the first to develop a gay tourism aka get the gay money scheme. Now Dallas has jumped onboard the bandwagon. The equation is simple: Gays have plenty of excess capital. Huge sums of disposable income just waiting to be had. So if you are a city overrun with illegal aliens, unresolved crime issues and perhaps declining popularity among normal tourists, you just call in the gays to save you.

The site proclaims "Our Secret is Out" and features images of same-sex couples enjoying the local sights.

Phillip Jones, president and CEO of the Dallas tourism bureau said gay travelers spend an average of $100 more per day than other travelers and plan four to six trips a year.

WOW! I wish that I could plan or take 4-6 trips a year! And these are the hapless victims of discrimination? Jones also marveled at the "diversity" aka gayversity of Dallas which he claims he stumbled upon while doing marketing research.

"One of the things that most surprised me about Dallas was the incredible diversity. We have 120,000 GLBT (Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) households in the Dallas area." We'd be foolish not to position Dallas as a destination for this market, which spends a lot of money on travel."

Gee, Jonesy, with all those thousands of rich, diversified gays living in Dallas, one wonders why you would need to attract more gays to Dallas. Oh wait...I forgot. Its that cash cow thing.

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