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November 08, 2006

November Webfest

Hey, you know its some wild stuff on the web!
Since it will be a few days before I post again, I wanted to expose you to some awesome sites I have become aware of for various reasons and some that I check out from time to time. You may like some of them or you may hate all of them, that's on you. With that being said, let the Webfest began! - blistering critique of preachers who are "pimpin' black churches.(Thanks Independent Conservative!) - daughter of gays debunks the happy homosexual family myth - search for videos - the group which assists Dateline NBC in catching child sex predators (warning: graphic language) - shocking expose of public "animal saviors", PETA - the religious twin of wikipedia - explosive information on who's supplying the cash to extremist activist groups - stunning graphics and commentary on black Christian social/religious news - Bajan Christian apologetics organization - read all about what's happening in my hometown - Listen to snippets of the best of soft rock hits

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