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June 29, 2005

Case Closed?

Officials at the Tennesee Department of Children Services today concluded a "full and complete" investigation into alleged "child abuse" cases at Love In Action Ministry. Love in Action is a Memphis-based exgay ministry and is affiliated with Exodus International. And the verdict is: the allegations were completely false. Story here. Homosexuals, as usual, were screaming bloody (yet unsubstantiated) murder and one of them (or maybe a group of them) decided that reporting LIA to the DCS would surely taint their image and programs. Well, that magnificent ploy did not work. As I said in my initial entry, there was not one single shred of evidence that the boy (code named "Zach") was even in the program. DCS could not confirm whether he was there or if he even exists! For all practical purposes gays were up in arms about a ghost. All of the hype originated from Zach's makeshift blog. I wonder if they feel stupid at all? Especially the lead rabble rousers and rebels without a clue, "queer action coalition." As I explained Monday, June 27th in an email to Robby, a gay man from Phoenix who engaged in a agreeable disagreement with me over the controversy:
"The boy is a minor and therefore subject to parental authority, not the government and not the gay community. I dont think its anyone's business to tell parents how to raise thier children. And no one has provided any real proof that the boy is even in the program. Perhaps the parents have already changed their minds. Youre entitled to your perpsective on the matter, but parents should --without interference from non family members-- have the right to do what they think is best for their child sans real abuse not ideological abuse. Perhaps I would believe your sincerity if you were attempting to intervene in the lives of children whose parents are subjecting the children to a plethora of life devaluing situations, but it seems your ire is only raised when it involves something of political nature beholden to the gay community."
I hope these activists will let LIA alone to conduct their LEGAL business with kids who are struggling with homosexuality. Every kid deserves to hear the whole truth on the matter, not just the progay side. This should close this case for good. But why do I feel like its not?


Anonymous said...

Gay activist are just so afraid of change that they are trying to shut down, the only resoures that say change is possible. They should be ashamed of themsleves. I was 19 when I became a lesbian. My mother exposed me to lesbianism. I am now married, and had help from a black chritsian ministry.

DL Foster said...

I dont understand what they are so afraid of. Perhaps, the truth? I think America can hear the WHOLE story and be smart enough to decide on their own who is telling the truth. And BTW, God bless you for find freedom in your life!