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June 13, 2005

Gays urge youth to commit acts of violence

In an ongoing controversy brewing in Memphis, homosexual teens and progay supporters are encouraging a young man to commit acts of violence as a way to get released from a voluntary sexual reorientation residential program. Refuge, a youth program, run by Love In Action Ministries has come under public pressure, --mostly from homosexual activists-- who object to a Tennesee couple who decided to put their 16 year son into the program. It has not been confirmed that the boy is acutally in the program. Yet, homosexual teenagers are encouraging the boy through his blog to commit acts of violence against staff members or other residents. This is after the boy published a copy of house rules for the program on his site. One of the rules state that any acts of "fighting or violence" would result in expulsion from the program. Just to show you the level of viciousness and hate spewing out of these loving gay and gay frindly people take a look at just a sampling of the many calls for the boy (Zach) to kill or commit violence against both Love In Action staff members and even his own parents (profanity has been disguised).
  • No physical violence or physically threatening dialogue. Violation of this rule warrants immediate dismissal from the program. "I know you can't be the only one there that doesn't want to be held captive. Find a like-minded person (probably EVERYONE there) and stage a fight. Hell, really hit each other a few times, this is worth a bruise or two."
  • "Myself, in a situation like that, my mind turns to vengance. Subtle vengance. Covert operations to turn their program inside out, and sabotage them. I know, myself, the only way I could survive that situation is to subvert the rules to my own needs. That's me. It takes careful planning, certainly, but if nothing else, it's a useful diversion from what they put you through." Posted by Remy on Wednesday, June 08, 2005 at 1:14 PM
  • "I'm not gay and I live in ohio, but I figured I'd forward this to you anyway. Your parents are real f***wads who deserve to be stabbed in the face with a soldering iron." Posted by John
  • "I hope you kill the b**** and yourself you crazy whore." Posted by brittnee
  • "I suggest you break every one of their stupid "rules". what are they going to do to you? beat you? I think not - and if they do, you immediately phone the cops! the best they can do is try to guilt trip you and make you feel bad - which is NOT going to work because YOU are not the one who is wrong here."
  • "Yep, if I were Zach, I'd put on my best lipstick and perfume, wear the tightest, most revealing shorts or speedo he could find, and kiss every guy he sees." Ian [a self described middle aged, married, observant Jewish, heterosexual professional counselor, who lives in Canada]
  • "fire bomb them all in their sleep." Posted by Pands all quotes lifted from Zach's Blog. If you remember, it was just a scant few months ago that the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network held its annual "Waaaaaahhhh!, stop calling me names!" aka No Name Calling Week. Under the guise of creating "safe places for gay students" it appears that GLSEN is about as ignorant as they come. Perhaps they have not read the above vicious comments --laced with profanity-- coming out the mouths of these so-called victimized gay students. From a GLSEN press release dated 01/12/04:
    Despite an anti-harassment law that took effect four years ago this month, harassment and bullying based on sexual orientation remain persistent and pervasive in California schools. 7.5% of California’s middle and high school students, more than 200,000 students every year, are targets of harassment based on actual or perceived sexual orientation, according to a study released by the California Safe Schools Coalition. The Safe Place to Learn study found that widespread bullying has dangerous academic, health and safety consequences for students. “Every student deserves to learn in an environment that helps them reach their full potential,” said Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, Executive Director Kevin Jennings, a member organization of the California Safe Schools Coalition. “We are proud to be a part of the coalition that produced this groundbreaking study proving that schools can take specific steps to reduce harassment and increase safety for all students.”

    Anonymous said...

    Greetings in the name of Jesus,
    Elder Foster I am sincerely praying for you and your ministry,these attacks against you are obviously from Satan. Gay people claim that they are the epiphany of love and virtue,that their lifestyles reflect a higher form of existence. From the letters I,ve read it horrifying to know that gay really means enslaved to Satan.

    DL Foster said...

    Thanks, gay activists are two faced. They have a public face which is the face of a helpless, defenseless victim, which without the complete protection of the government would be wiped off the face of the earth. Then there's the other face. The ugly, evil one you will see here. This is the true face.

    Warren said...

    DL - I cannot understand how some people can hold a No Name Calling Week and then call names and then call us hypocrits. Hey DL check out the new venture Keep on keeping on, bro!

    Anonymous said...

    What I think you and many people in the Blogoshphere are doing is taking a few outlandish posts and making them seem that they 'speak' for every gay person. Which surely isn't the case. I mean Klansmen, militiamen and their ilk believe that violence is a necessity and that God condones violence for their cause. Some of these people believe in God and that they are doing his ‘work’. Utter nonsense.

    It is very easy to make generalizations of a group of people by a few silly and immature statements. However, it is harder to get to know people (blacks, gays, etc.) on an individual basis, because that would take effort and compassion. These are two things that I find lacking in many people who call themselves ‘Christian.’ In my travels I have discovered that laziness is the cornerstone of ignorance and intolerance.

    I mean, would you want me to make the assumption that because you believe in God, that you condone violence against a group of people you don’t understand? You probably wouldn’t.


    DL Foster said...

    Point taken. Now I'd like to see you chasten these gay perpetrators for making you look bad.

    Robert said...

    This young man has the right to use reasoanble force in self-defense if he is being held in the program against his will.

    Regardless of whether or not you think being gay is a bad thing, you need to understand that a program which uses these "brainwashing" techniques is an unacceptable act of violence when used on an unconsenting person.

    Using such techniques to "convert" an unconsenting person is bad theology, too-I'd think you wouldn't have much trouble seeing that.

    Brandie said...

    You know, when something gets as much publicity as Zach's blog has, people are bound to make stupid comments. Don't lump everyone who supports Zach into one bunch. You don't want to be lumped and generalized, do you? I didn't think so. None of us do.

    And since I'm pretty sure that Zach has enough common sense NOT to start a fight, and we haven't heard anything about violence on his part or within this so-called "Refuge", it's a good bet that no one is listening to the ones advocating violence. I have a feeling that Zach is a sharp kid who is perfectly aware that his relationship with his family rests on how he handles this.

    I'll check back in later and continue my thoughts. Right now, I have to get back to work.

    DL Foster said...

    if your perspectives argument is valid, then it is just as accurate to say that you are wrong. Its not brainwashing. Furthermore thats not the point, if only ONE person advocated violence against the staff at LIA or the boy's parents (which they have in great numbers), its one too many. Burn his parents in the face with a smoldering iron? How evil is that?

    Robert said...

    "if your perspectives argument is valid, then it is just as accurate to say that you are wrong. Its not brainwashing."

    Do you know anything about the program's methodology, at all? The program's rules were posted on the young man's website, and since have been widely circulated on the internet.

    The program bears a lot of resemblance to the methods of cults like Jonestown and Synanon, or to the "reeducation" techniques used in communist countries.

    He's not allowed to talk about what takes place in the program, even to his parents.

    He's completely isolated from everyone and everything except his parents and the program. He's not only cut off from pro-gay influences--he's cut off from everything--no education, no job, no books, no music (Bach and Beethoven forbidden by name in the rules)--for much of his time, no talking at all. His every waking hour is minutely regulated, he's required to confess thought crimes, his self-esteem and self-confidence are systematically broken down. Once he's broken, they can rebuild him to suit.

    Remember, above all, that he is not in this program by choice. He's helpless, and that's brought home to him every waking minute. His only way out is to do what they say, to be what they want.

    Look, preach to the boy, by all means. Preach to me, to, if you want. But take care to win the debate (if you win) by the merits of your arguments and the strength of your truth--not just on the basis of force majeure.

    DL Foster said...

    Thou dost protest too much.
    You have no PROOF this boy is even in the program. I think that I stated that already. He may not even be on the LIA campus. Which makes the violent statements by the gay and progay teens even more egregious.

    Secondly, I read the rules. YAWN. Zach --if he is there-- is not being treated any differently than anyone else there. Rules can be amended to reach a goal, so just calm down.

    These protests, calls for death and violence on a presumption that a young boy is in a sexual reorientation program are simply outrageous. I have children and I make them do a lot of things they may not want to do, but I brought them into this world and that gives me certain parental rights.

    IF (big IF) this boy's parents have him at LIA, its their right. Some parents send their kids to boot camp...these chose to send theirs to a sexual reorientaion program. You and other rebels without a cause need to cool your heels and stop trying to be surrogate parents. We've got enough government intervention as it is.

    BKX said...

    Sorry, I'm posting so late; I hope you still read this.

    You people (Christians against gays) astound me. You claim that Jesus' word is the highest rule, yet at every turn you quote a part of the Bible that Jesus doesn't speak in. If you truly beleived in the teachings of Jesus, then you most definitely would accept yourselves (probably bi in most ex-gays cases, including yours DL) and live as what you are, for this is what Jesus taught.

    Jesus' teachings were to get us to accept ourselves for who we are, sins included. To try to change people from who they feel they are to something else goes against his teachings; we are supposed to love each other as we love ourselves.

    It's like Woody Allen said, "If Jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name, he wouldn't be able to stop throwing up."

    BKX -

    DL Foster said...

    BKX, I have read.
    Reading your post is like looking at a camel riding a giraffe backwards. Talk about astounding!
    Your comments (possibly reflective of you) are a psychological vortex.

    The "you people" remark reminds me a lot of white racists who blow their top when black people tell the truth about them.

    Re Jesus: Can you share some scriptures (from the Bible) to support your claim that Jesus taught us to "accept our sins"?

    I failed to see what your comments have to do with the boy who is allegedly in a sexual reorientation program, but because Im a merciful guy, and because you "posted late", I'll let them remain.

    lutain said...

    Jesus wouldn't have anything to do with this sort of nonsense. This "camp" isn't Christian and it doesn't do God's work.

    Faith is faith; it can't be forced onto someone, nor can it be easily whittered away, if it's genuine.

    And where's the anti-poverty camp? Where's the "I'm a white supremacist Christian" recovery camp. Both of those are much bigger issues in the region.

    DL Foster said...

    where's the "white gay racism" camp?
    tons of white gays routinely discriminate against black gays and think its okay. They need a camp too, right? But its funny, seems like "homophobia" is the only sin white gays can think of.

    Robert said...

    "You have no PROOF this boy is even in the program."

    I have rather more proof taht the boy is in the program than you have that anyone has made a serious threat of violence.

    "YAWN. Zach --if he is there-- is not being treated any differently than anyone else there."

    That they treat everyone in the program with equal abuse is scarcely a thing to be praised. But I see, despite your attemtps to wrap yourself in a cloak of righteousness, you are indifferent to human suffering. Jesus spoke of you type:

    "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."

    Anonymous said...

    Do you constantly throw the racist card when someone doesn't agree with your hate filled, self loathing, ex-gay "christian" idealogy?

    Being a Christian, means to be like Christ. Not throwing harsh generalizations, assumtions and condemnations at everyone not agreeing with you or the specific verses out of the bible you pick apart to form your religion.

    DL Foster said...

    obviously you view the world through extremly immature eyes. You probably think that racism is a good thing, that's why you get offended when glaring examples are pointed out. You'd be much better off to just get a hood and start burning crosses instead of clandestinely accusing me of not being a Christian.