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June 17, 2005

Gay editor want former gays 'locked up'

DO THEY CALL NEXT FOR US TO BE KILLED? "There remains just one assault on the dignity of gays and lesbians that still drives me into fits of rage: the "ex-gay" movement." So rages Kevin Naff, managing editor for the Washington Blade, a homosexual newsweekly. The column appeared in the June 17 edition of the Atlanta based Southern Voice, which is part of a consortium of homosexual "news" publications. Naff, claims that he can endure almost anything including evangelical Christian diatribes about the evils of the "gay agenda." The barbs of pandering politicians looking to win elections on our backs. Ministers calls a news conference to announce their support for a ban on gay marriage. Even the Washington Times’ practice of putting the words gay marriage in quotation marks has ceased to send my blood pressure soaring.
But, when he hears of former homosexuals, Naff goes into fits of rage. Literally.
After reading his nazi-esque call for the cessation of people like me, it shows how saturated the gay community is in hatred of former gays in particular. This brand of hate is all the more dangerous because homosexuals have demonstrated that they are willing to commit almost any type of act in order to secure their "rights." Even if they have to lock up all the "exgays". Blogger and exgay musician Stephen Bennett reports on his blog that homosexuals took Bibles and threw them in the trash can in a recent evangelistic outreach in the homosexual playground of Provincetown, RI.
Naff shows the real face of the far too many inhabiting the homosexual world: brazen, vengeful, full of spite and yes unfettered arrogance. We exgays have been saying for a long time that we are the gay community's worst nightmare. This is why they go through such great lengths to discredit, demonize and divide the populace over who we are and the work we do. They work with frenzy to keep us off college campuses, off television shows, out of public forums any way they can. (Like the gay religious group, Sacred Worth at Candler School of Theology did to me. In an inhouse email, members said they were "afraid of me") Hardly. My question is if their theories of sexuality are so scientifically superior as they oft claim, why be afraid to publicly engage such a despised group of cultish frauds like us? One single, former homosexual standing strong in the grace of God completely destroys their most precious weapon of deceipt. That's the born gay theory, folks. If we didnt exist,then the door to their insatiable quest to brow beat the American public into submission would be wide open. Can you imagine for just one second if say, Focus on the Family would dare print a story with a title, "Lock up the 'gays'"? I suppose homosexuals would scream, cut themselves and fall into a heap at the sheer "hatred" of Focus. Yet, what is truly demonstrated is the utter lack of self discipline gays like Naff exhibit when dealing with people who won't bow down at the golden altar of sexual freedom. Rage is a dangerous thing for any person to brag about possessing. Rage leads to murder. And as this article shows, the murder of exgays has already begun.

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