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June 21, 2005

Homoracists among us

And you thought only heterosexual white males were racist!
There's a serious epidemic in the gay community. No, its not the big disease with the little name. Its the big dirty secret called homoracism. Gays tiptoe softly around this one because it would give the #1 money maker homophobia too much of a challenge for attention. Recently in the heart of all things gay, San Francisco, the homoracists and their exclusionary practices were exposed! One would think that being gay would be celebrated no matter what color or background one came from. But not at Badlands. And not if you're a n*gger(you figure that out). Black gay men were the targets of such heinous racial discrimination, it made headlines across the country. The San Francisco Human Rights Commission found the following crimes were committed against African Americans:
  • an inconsistent door policy illegally requiring multiple forms of I.D. from some African Americans
  • Natali [the club owner]referred to African Americans as "non-Badlands customers" to be discouraged from patronage
  • Natali unfairly denied entry to African Americans "through the use of a ‘No Bag' policy that was rarely enforced against white patrons"
  • Natali selectively applied a dress code to African American patrons
  • Natali's "hiring practices . . . were discriminatory towards African Americans"
  • Natali "discriminated against an African American woman when she was ejected for the bar for pretextual and unjustified reasons"
  • In San Francisco!?? Recoil in feigned horror. Yep, right up in da Castro! Even though the reform group And Castro for All sprung up in opposition to the blatant civil rights sins going on the beloved Castro, the group's organizers appeared to be 99% white. That's real nice, black folk left out again. Homosexual white men are as racist as they come, unless they need a black guy for their mandingo fantasies. Most black gays have given up trying to be included in their world because the racism is so pervasive. But they didn't go down without a fight. Read this report on homoracism from the gay African Americans who have suffered behind it. Read comments from black gay writer Keith Boykin'sarticle "Gay Racism in the Castro." If you can remember, there ill fated gay Millenium March was sat out by black gays primarily because they were never invited to be a part of the planning. It was a white folks march. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia met with white gays but failed to meet with black gays. Such racist overtures have fanned the fires of racial dissension among the two groups.
    Racism in the gay community? Sure, but with all the hoopla about "homophobia", this social evil get little airplay. Black Commentator picked up on and exposed the biased way advertisers blacklist gay black "pride" celebrations. Folks, this stuff just goes on and on. I remember when I was gay, a friend and I went to a gay club in a city I won't name (because its the only gay club there)and experienced such racism that I thought it was the gay wing of the KayKayKay! After checking every piece of ID we could pull out, the owner asked us "Who's sponsoring you?" Let me point out that whenever blacks wanted to get in the club, the homoracist OWNER would all of sudden become the door checker. What? Sponsoring us??? We had never heard of that before. We began to argue with him about coming in. We didn't want to have to drive 100 miles to the next club. But he became so infuriated at us that he went back inside and got a footlong flashlight and threatened to hit me in the head and call the police if I didn't get off the property. I'll wager none of the whites who entered had to undergo "sponsorship"? With such evil running rampant in the gay community, it makes one wonder how they can point fingers and toes at others and assert that so called "homophobia" is evil? Well, I hate to be the bearer of truth, but homosexuals are largely hypocritical. Its true. They spend so much time and effort (read obsession) trying to rid the eyes of the world of "homophobia" they cant seem to notice the huge beam in their own eyes. A little Bible allegory applied. My suggestion: the arrogant, white male homosexual aristocracy should be reminded every time that they come out weeping about "homophobia" that they should go home and expunge the racism from their own community. When that happens, then we just might believe the wolf cries about "homophobia".


    formerlesbian said...

    When I was in the life, I had a "partner" who created a political gay and lesbian group in our city. The gay newpaper "Out Smart", called her for an interview and aske the question, "why are black gays and lesbians not as involved in fighting for homosexual rights". My former partners response was, "Blacks gays and lesbians are still having to struggle just for civil rights let alone gay rights." It is strange that the gay rights movement uses words such as INCLUSIVENESS, yet doesn't seem to include gays of coloer in that inclusiveness. They use words like MARGINALIZE, when it comes to discribing how the larger soceity has treated them, yet many of them still hold racist views and MARGINALIZE people of color. I once attended a meeting at one of the largest Metroplitian Community Chruches where there was dicussion concerning sexism, racism and homophobia. One of the questions asked of the participants was, of sexism, racism and homophobia which were you first aware of. Without fail, Black males especially said racism. One Black gay man said that the first time that he was called a nigger was at a gay bar. I want to think you for discussing this issue. Racism in the gay community is not different than in larger soceity. What is sad is that they cry equality for homosexuals but deny it to homosexuals of color.

    DL Foster said...

    fl, you hit the nail on the head. In their minds, inclusion, tolerance, acceptance, understanding, welcoming, etc ONLY seem to apply when it advances THEIR goals and their strategies.
    What a tragedy in the making.

    Anonymous said...

    I believe Wayne Bessen is a racist, or has a grudge against gay African Americans
    I use to work with him at the Human Rights Campaign, he has very few black close associates.
    I recall him always going to gay white clubs, and I never saw him around people of color!


    DL Foster said...

    Besen has so much dirt trailing him, but he effectively draws attention away from himself by engaging in lowlife invectives hurled others. Jermaine, I have yet to hear him crticize the white gay community for its overt racism against black members of the community. I wonder why? Its a shame some black gays remain quiet about this for the sake of gay "unity". Thanx, Jermaine.

    Anonymous said...

    Again, more with your large assumptions due to your 'experience' as a gay man or what you've 'read' about gay men. You hear one story and all sudden we ALL are this way. Look amongst your own hate filled community and look real hard.

    Racism exist everywhere to some level or degree. Even in the gay community. Even in the black community. Black, white, gay, straight, christian or satanist, you can find it everywhere.

    Stop being bitter and stop throwing hatred. This is what gives Christianity a bad name.

    Stop throwing stones.

    DL Foster said...

    David threw one stone and killed the giant Goliath. He picked up five. Later he used the other four to kill Goaliath's four remaining brothers. I've got some more stones to throw. Just make sure your head is not in the way.