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July 11, 2005

Bedroom lies for the gay eye

Luther Vandross died on Friday. You would think that people would celebrate a man's great contribution to good love songs. Its hard to mention a night of amour with your biological male or famale, opposite sex, covenant marriage partner (sorry, have to qualify these days) without "Lutha" being somewhere in your bedroom. But gays are unhappy about Luther's death. Not like you would think though. Gays seem to always want to use any situation to bolster their agenda of gay=good. That's why they're angry that Luther never openly declared he was a homosexual. So in the wake of his death, they are determined to help him out and say it for him. Peter Tatchell, the lying British gay activist, recently did the same thing to black social change icon Malcolm X (see Rewriting Black History?). So Chris Crain, a white editor with the Southern Voice launches on a "we-been-miffed" super-slur of Vandross. Crain intimates what most activist gays feel: contempt and hatred for anyone they feel betrays "the cause". And poor Luther just wanted to protect his right to privacy. But that's not a honorable concept for them. For a group of people who are always harping about respect and equality, they haven't quite grasped what that means outside of their own selfish goals. Respect Luther? Not a chance. Crain scavenges up all of the suggestive quotes by Vandross he can find and comes to the grand,self congratulatory conclusion that Vandross was a "homo". Hear the disdain? Crain's disdain even accuses Vandross of "wearing a straight wig." How smug and arrogant. Its part of a new gay hatched strategy to smear anyone (famous that is) who dies and reorient their legacy with a new homosexual identity. Remember Abe Lincoln, our 16th President? Betcha didn't know he was gay. Well, revisionist history is literally out of control in the hands of these activists. God help us all. And by the way, rest in peace Luther.

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