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July 29, 2005

The co$t of becoming gay

Disgruntled former Love In Action attendee, Peterson Tuscano has been going around the country spreading the news of his $30,000 exgay habit. Wagging his exgay experienced finger, he warns frightened homosexuals of the dangers of being exgay. Toscano claims that after he paid all this money, they failed to make him "straight." He only spent two years at LIA, claiming to the Memphis Commercial Appeal he paid "$950 a month for two years". Toscano claims he "joined fundamentalist, then evangelical, then Pentecostal, and finally, charismatic churches. He subjected himself to three exorcisms, including one by a Jamaican woman in New York City. " A Jamaican woman in New York City?? How is that exgay???

Toscano should know first of all that he could have saved that money and went straight (no pun intended) to God and got much more than just being straight-- for free.

So how much does it cost to get to the top of your gay game? You might not know it, but much more than it costs to become straight.

According to the Richmond Organization for Sexual Minority Youth a sexually confused teen at 13 would pay almost $42,000 to learn how be a gay leader. According to ROSMY, that's $2,427 a year for "leadership training and interpersonal development." Whatever that means. Of course, ROSMY doesn't say what that means.

Its been rumored that the official response from ROSMY's man-boy love hookups, is that the "website has not been updated". Wow, what an explanation! I suspect that soon we will start seeing "updates."

I was the first to tell you that the hypocritcal gay community screams loudly (read manufactured "outrage") about other's perceived sins, but blindly neglect their own.