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July 28, 2005

Let me "entertain" your son...

Recently, gay activists have been up in arms about Memphis based Love In Action's program for teens who have homosexual issues. Among other names the program and ministry has been branded a "deprogramming camp" by detractors. But what alternatives does the gay community have for kids who are confused about their sexuality? You can get a pretty good idea from this group in Richmond, VA.

· Do you want to go to some of Richmond’s hottest gay clubs for free?
· Educate men about the importance of safe sex and condom use?
Wow, parents! Just think, if your son comes out to you as "gay", in no time he can get hooked up teaching men how to put a condom on and get into "hottest" (that means sex)homosexual clubs.

This is what the Richmond Organization for Sexual Minority Youth (ROSMY) have in mind when they say want to "enhance the general well-being of sexual minority youth."

Why would any organization want to facilitate children interacting sexually with adults? There are no links to the rules for these kids, just invitations to learn about sex. Too bad ROSMY doesnt have the integrity of Love In Action which posts its rules for inhouse teens. Then again, why have rules for sexually hungry gay teens?
Maybe can explain.

I'll update after a little more investigating.

ROSMY has removed references to man-boy sexual interactions from their website after the above post was published. Instead of posting an explanation as to why the references were removed, ROSMY simply left big blank spots. However, we still know that there were encouraging men and boys to interact sexually at some point. ROSMY how about an explanation as to your hasty retreat?