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July 21, 2005

exlewd at emory?

Matt Bass is insane. Yep, he's gay. He was trying to fool Baylor and get a theology degree (probably to use against them) but got kicked out. And get this, after he sent over 1,000 lewd (a word which means preoccupied or overemphasized with sex) emails to University officials and their family members at Baylor, he is accepted at Emory here in Atlanta as a theology student.
Recently, a judge ordered him to pay $77,000 for his rather heinous laciviousness.

But who knows, maybe he is cured of lewdosexuality now that he is at Emory? If so, I guess you would call him an exlewd. But then again, according to gay activists you really can't change who you are, just what you do. If that's true, then Bass is probably collecting Emory familiy and friends email addresses right now.

For the record, if you google articles about him, and you'll discover not one gay publication or organization chided him about this sexual terrorism. Rather, he is celebrated as the poster child of gay victimization. What does that tell you about the gay community?

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