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July 19, 2005

Slumming with Salon

After reading the latest attempt by Salon to do the "responsible" media thing and squash the bad, bad exgay/reparative therapy bugs, I have coined a new term. salonning - media in drag i.e. straight publications who masquerade as gay publications.

Dragger Mark Benjamin launches into a four part "investigation" of all things exgay. You can tell by the story title (and accompanying artwork), that the "investigative" judge and jury has already determined that being exgay is hazardous to your health. What else is new from the we-hate-exgays camp? But of course, after close unbiased scrutiny, quorum of social consent has decided being gay is the best thing ever created since sliced bread. Like I said, what else is new from this camp? No pun intended. Draggers like Benjamin love to use the word "cure" in association with our work. A word we have never used and never will because it doesn't reflect what we do nor the purpose for which we do it.

The only good thing about this upcoming series is that it will keep on giving free publicity to our ministries for the thousands of homosexual men and women who are sick and tired of living in the gay matrix. Thanks to salonning, they can find a way out. Turning off gay

hat tip to: Jeff

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