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July 28, 2005

Gays under investigation for terrorism

From Protest Warrior- San Diego Chapter
SAN DIEGO - A Federal Grand Jury has issued subpoenas to several San Diego area homosexual activists for links to domestic terrorism. The Grand Jury is seeking information about individuals who may have attended an event at the Hillcrest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual Center (aka “The Center”) on the evening of August 1, 2003.(see Aug 1 story).

The event had been hosted by the radical animal rights group Compassion for Farm Animals, and featured a lecture by convicted arsonist Rodney Coronado.

Coronado was convicted in 1994 of an arson attack on an animal research facility at Michigan State University, and served four years in a federal penitentiary. He had been invited to The Center to speak on the topic of “direct action,” a lecture that apparently included a primer on how to burn down a building.

Although Coronado does not appear to be a target of the investigation (he was reportedly in Tucson at the time the fire was set), the FBI apparently has reason to believe that the person or persons responsible for the University City fire was in attendance at Coronado’s August 1, 2003 lecture.

AUGUST 1, 2003 -- A massive fire sweeps through an under-construction condominium complex in the University City neighborhood of San Diego, burning it to the ground. The fire causes $50 million in damage, but fortunately does not spread to the neighboring canyon or (inhabited) apartment complexes. No deaths or injuries result. A banner reading "If you build it, we will burn it," with the initials "E.L.F.," is found at the site. The eco-terrorist group Earth Liberation Front claims responsibility for setting the blaze. Despite a lengthy FBI investigation, no arrests are made.

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