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July 15, 2005


Let me prepare you for this. A green elephant with a cigar in his right hand robbed a bank. The reason: President Bush didnt send him a Christmas present. Two men in a pink tutu killed each other after they figured out that the tutu was only big enough for one of them. The reason: a baby on a city bus in Austin, TX cried too loud. Four African fish stole a car from a local rental agency. The reason: the fish claimed it was too cold in Alaska. Finally, a lesbian woman spent $40,000 on a female prostitute in one night. The reason, she said was to in response to reparations claims made by blacks. Okay, now here's the REAL STORY A "gay" psychologist (with a MSW) wrote that the reason a man killed his baby son was because of exgay ministries and reparative therapy. Joe Kort wrote at exgaywatch(Im embarrassed to repeat this)
"This article at is an illustration of the damage that Reparative Therapy and the ex-gay movement does to children--particularly males. In Preventing Homosexuality by authors and RT's Joseph Nicolosi and his wife they encourage restrictive gender roles for the children. It is my strong opinion that this is gender abuse to believe that men and women should only act a certain way. It fosters this type of abuse that this father did to this poor child who is now dead!"
Imagine that
green elephants
car stealing fish
$40,000 lesbian hooker tale
exgay murder ministry
two dead men in a pink tutu
Kort doesn't present any evidence that Ronnie and Nysheerah Paris(possibly a black couple) were ever involved with exgay ministry or had ever heard of reparative therapy. Its just like the green elephant and the presidential bday present. Seriously, it belies the abject fear and loathing some gay have for exgays and our ministries. It also demonstrates why the APA, and their cohorts of mental health "professionals" are so adamantly against us. Look who's minding the store. Final thought: and they're giving out MSW's for this?

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