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July 15, 2005

"Zach" lives!

Okay, great. Life is good. Zach is a real person. I didnt question his reality only whether he was actually enrolled in the LIA program. However, let us not forget his parents still retain autonomous rights over their child until he is an adult. Warren Throckmorton had some interesting comments about Zach and his parents here.
Like, Warren: I make my kids go to bed when they dont want to
I made my teenage daughter be home at 11pm for dates (she didnt like that much)
I make my kids clean up their room at times (that really is punishment!)
Why? Because I am their father. Case closed. If Zach's parents want to make their son go to a program to deal with his sexuality, then that's their perogative and has absolutely no bearing on Love In Action. They provide a service which cannot be accessed without choice.
Sidenote to Scott (and others): There was no intentional attempt on this blog to delete any comments. After I added haloscan commenting and trackbacking (see my post) all comments from the Blogspot system went poof. Of course, being new to Blogville, I didnt know that. The comments --even the disagreeable ones-- were golden. If anyone knows how they can be retrieved, I would appreciate that information.

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