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July 04, 2005

Letters from the dead, vol 2

Have you ever heard a racist white person let that phrase "you people" slip out of their mouths? I have many times. Well interestingly enough, I got the following from a nameless man and wow did he let his true colors come shining though. I don't mean those beautiful, rainbow colors like gays have on their flag. I mean the ones painted with disdain and hateful arrogancy. The same kind of colors black folk had to face on the mean streets of Montgomery, AL back in the sixties. You people. What does that mean? When it is directed at a specified group I think it it means you (disgusting) people. I think it means people who are viewed as inferior to the speaker or the writer. Anyway, after a rerun of a show I did with the new rapid fire talk show Faith Under Fire, which originally aired on PAX TX last fall, I woke up the next morning to this email. By the way, I wasn't even aware that PAX was going to reair the show. Here's the email.
I had the misfortune to land on your appearance on Faith Under Fire while channel surfing tonight. Your arrogance was astonishing. You apparently know NOTHING of Christ! Jesus was a man of humility and showed love for ALL -- mostly for the outcasts and the sinners -- his best friends. Who are YOU to stand in judgement? What part of "Judge Not - and Thou Shalt Not Be Judged?" The other guest made very valid arguments in that there are MANY passages in the Bible that we no longer observe. Call me Stevie Wonder, but I did not notice asterisks and disclaimers that certain passages need no longer be observed. Need I remind you that there are STILL many in this country alone that can cite passages that justify slavery. I'm certain you'd object if that were the prevailing interpretation of our day. Some would revel in putting you people back on the plantation and using the fact that it's "in the Bible" as justification. (MY BOLDFACE) Sadly - you are simply a bigot and a pig proclaiming that YOU have the direct line to God and get to act as His personal interpretor. You're not. Grow up.
Besides, misquoting the Bible, which I don't think he holds in high regard, mischaracterizing Jesus and flat out Biblical ignorance (we are EXPECTED to talk directly with God) "southendguy" (his email name)seems to really get off calling me names. Perhaps he slept through the gay created "No Name Calling Week". At any rate, I hope this fellow will stop channel surfing or better yet keep these kinds of homoracist thoughts to himself. What do you think?


GoodNameProverbs22 said...

I wish I had seen that edition of "Faith Under Fire," but unfortunately missed it. When Jesus said, "Judge not, that you be not judged," I believe he was saying to not judge "people," but that you can judge their "actions." Plus, I believe it to be saying to not make judgements without having the facts to back it up. I don't see where you're judging at all, because you know whereof you speak. Keep talking, because somebody's listening!

DL Foster said...

Thanks GNP,
Telling the truth will always stir up your enemies. But truth is what makes people free. People need to see the ugly face of the gay rights propaganda machine so they can make mature decisions with their votes, money and support.

This blog is catching them without their morning makeup on, lol.

formerlesbian said...

like a dog that screams after it has been hit this person screamed after being hit by the Truth. He then showed his bigotry in using the words "you people." I saw the rerun of Faith Under Fire and felt that you spoke the Truth in love. I did not observe at all that you were judgemental. But as someone who lived as a homosexual for several years, I reconize the tactic of trying to put those who disagree with you on the defensive. That is one of the things that I admired about you as you while viewing you on the program, you did not become defensive. You did not allow yourself to be drawn off the subject at hand by trying to defend your stand. Keep up the good work.