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July 30, 2005


Don't you need some sort of minimal qualifications to work with "toubled youth"? At ROSMY, none of the staff nor the board of directors qualifications are listed. How is the public or the organizations which support them to know that some of these people dont have criminal backgrounds or dare we say it are pedophiles?

Sure, its great to have the little "testimonials" saying how swell ROSMY has been, but what's the truth behind an organization that would encourage sexual interaction of any type between "men and boys"? The term "sexual minorities" (the SM in ROSMY) is currently the frase del momento phrase of the moment by gay groups, but I find that it doesnt include diversity of any kind. Its all gay. It underscores how homosexual groups manipulate phrases (tolerance, diversity) to suit their purposes but have no intention to demonstrate the true mean of said word/phrase. So what qualifies a person to oversee a gay youth program? The jury is still out on ROSMY and they are not talking.

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