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August 01, 2005


I am calling for an investigation into all "gay youth centers." Something really wrong is going on and somebody's trying to cover it up with the pretense of "helping gay youth."
Look at this one in San Diego.
Boston GLASS, a gay youth center quotes statistics over 10 years old to justify service, especially the suicide myth.
Some parents honestly do not want their kids (even if they are struggling with sexual identity to be hanging out or associating with others older than them who are actively engaged in sexual activity. From

We have four kids; our oldest daughter died last year, four months after being diagnosed with cancer. My son is now in the 10th grade and has always been very shy and a bit of an introvert. He was in gifted classes in elementary and middle school. He has been the perfect kid -- caring, considerate and cooperative.
He came to me three weeks ago and told me he thinks he could be gay. It seems the group of kids he became friends with are very free spirited. One of the guys is openly gay; I learned this from my 19-year-old daughter. I knew about this kid but never dreamed in a million years he would have this effect on my son. My son has never given us any indication that he could be gay. I feel that he is very vulnerable right now. He and I have talked a few times since he told me this. I told him I wanted him not to have any contact with this kid and basically find some new friends.
How do I help my son sort this all out? He has said he is very confused. I honestly do not think he is gay, but how do I help him discover that? I have looked, but all I come up with is information in support of a gay lifestyle. I am not there yet. --Saturnit

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