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July 27, 2005

Top 10 Myths

Well, it looks like I have been forced to clear up some myth-conceptions about Perspectives, so that my loyal readers will know what they can and cannot do on this blog. And to salvage my squeaky clean image from character assassins.

Myth #1 - A commenter can say whatever they want to say including insulting DL Foster without repercussions.
FACT - I will liberally use the D&B process to shut you down. D&B stands for delete and ban.

Myth #2 - Im not a Christian or a man if I use the D&B process.
FACT - The D&B process actually proves I am indeed a man and a Christian (and fairly intelligent, too).

Myth #3 - I owe you an explanation of what I write.
FACT - I owe you another post on what I don't owe you.

Myth #4 - DL Foster is a bigot.

FACT - That is subjective at best.

Myth #5 - DL Foster is homophobic.
FACT - No, but I really do hate rodents (childhood trauma).

Myth #6 - This blog is homophobic.
FACT - You are overusing that word. In about 4 years it will be obsolete from so much overusage.

Myth #7 - Exgays are homophobic.
FACT - There you go again! Youre about to take a D&B excursion!

Myth #8 - DL Foster is full of hate.
FACT - (See #4)

Myth #9 - DL Foster is getting rich writing this blog and making a pretty penny fighting gay rights, too.
FACT - That's not what my tax statements say.

Myth #10 - This blog is a hate site.
FACT - That's not true. It is not listed at

Update: Are you wondering why after you stayed up all night telling DL Foster off, your comment dissapeared into thin air? Well wonder no longer. I perform regular comment clean up. If your comment attacks me personally, its fed to the deletion lions. If you do it a couple of more times, I ban you. You are free to argue your point as long as you like, but if you personally insult me, I will delete your comment without hesitation or explanation (youre getting that now). Happy commenting.

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