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July 26, 2005

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Activist gays (and uhhh one nongay activist) show up with stones in hand.
I knew it would only be a matter of time before certain social vultures from the homosexual website "exgaywatch" would arrive here, stones in hand.

Well, its unfortunate, a great many of the gays residing at EGW are the political activist types (whom I focus on here) who make it their business to mock, accuse, berate, denigrate, lie, distort, character assasinate, and the likes. Their main focus is to dehumanize former homosexuals and our work but anyone who supports us or encourages us is dragged into the coliseum too.

Yet, when a thimble full of attention is turned on a few of their multiple social bloopers, they arrive to rant, rave and condemn about my not being a Christian. How amusing.

Its tactics like that: intimidation, group protests and wild eyed accusations which has served the activist homosexual movement well in attempting to beat America into submission. Want an example? Surely, I'll oblige.

Recently, a post on exgaywatch appeared stating "WORLD Magazine Attacks United Methodist Church For Tolerating Gay Church Group". One of the staff posters, Daniel Gonzales,urged gays at the site gang up and "point out the spiritual hypocrisy, elitism and ugliness..." of World Blog.

Would you like to see what got the social vultures in a feeding frenzy? Surely, I'll oblige.

Gay advocacy by Methodist church? On Labor Day weekend, the United Methodist Church’s main conference center will host “Hearts on Fire,” a homosexual rally. Reconciling Congregations, the homosexual group putting on the rally, seeks to overturn the church’s official stance on gays. “Since Lake Junaluska’s own internal rules require it to rent its facilities only to groups that share the ‘mission’ of the United Methodist Church, it seems highly inappropriate to rent those facilities for a rally for same-sex ‘marriage,’ homosexual clergy, and various exotic forms of sexual expression,” commented the Institute on Religion and Democracy's Mark Tooley. Posted by Whitney at July 22, 2005 10:17 AM
Yep, that's it. About 100 words or so. The comments that ensued are incredible.Read them for yourself. One even called the Bible "pornographic."

A word to exgaywatch: I'm doing the watching now.

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