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July 24, 2005

What you sed in all over?

Does my title make sense? Of course not. But thats how the following letter from a college junior sounds to me. I'm not kidding you! This is a real letter(posted verbatim) from a college newspaper. All I can say is that the person must have slept through english and grammar... Okay, use comments to chew me out or agree with me that somebody needs some english tutoring.

Letters to the Editor
Student urges student body to seek truth
April 25, 2005
A Misinformed Student Body,

I am compelled to say wow. On behalf of integrity and parity, I urge the student body to be more than just lazy. Be more than just impartial, but be an informed student body. Know that everything that you hear is not true. So if the truth is to be told, than let it be told right.

Please note that: Members of the Student Election Commission were, in fact, not in rumor discovered by many members of SEC cheating, discarding ballots, and allowing people to vote twice. One member of SEC was, in fact, not in rumor expelled. Also take in consideration that this was not a shock, or surprise to anyone involved regardless of how it is portrayed. Also be thoroughly aware that a petition to end the re-election of Miss TSU is unauthorized by Dean Myles and Dean Lockridge, and can be considered illegal campaigning. And also note that alleged members of this crusade against justice are unaware of the facts and misinformed. Be aware that everyone who voted on Thursday, votes were not counted and were unable to be retrieved for ACCURACY purposes, thus that is, the only reason that there is a re-vote. The issue is not the margin of victory but the accuracy of it.

It puzzles me that even the upper echelon of Tennessee State University does not allow their mere minds to venture into what exactly is going on. It frightens me that the student body would actualize the rumors of particular candidates and assume that this information is accurate. It outrages me that the administration allowed the disenfranchisement of several members of the student body with no outcry from them. It confuses me that in classrooms, dorm lobbies, and gazebos throughout the campus there are rumors of despicable measure allowed to feaster without any raising of doubt or concern for truth.

Door to Door petitioning in the midst of slandering someone else is petty. Feeding the student body lies is disappointing. Displaying such hatred towards a fellow tiger, when you can’t ride the elevators of Hale Hall without profane comments is silly. Going from fired roommate/campaign manager, to hometown cameo appearance in another pageant to co-conspirator in slandering someone you call your friend is suspect. SEC week 2005 with its dividing of friendships as an act of hazing for sorority intake, ripping down posters, losing votes, and spreading lies about others is gossip worthy. I can’t say with certainty that even half of TSU was actively participating in any SEC activities of essential merit but hoped at the opportunity to sign an unauthorized petition to stop a re-vote out of complacency and laziness. This matter leaves me to believe that nothing short of a miracle (not pun intended) could salvage this situation.


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