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July 25, 2005

gay teens and death

There is outrage (manufactured by the British gay group Outrage) over the hanging of two teenagers in Iran alledgedly **only** because of homosexuality.

While it 'offends' Western sensibilities and enrages the activist homosexual community, it also reveals a deep level of hypocrisy and selective outrage when gay teenagers mix it up with death.

Take for example the case of two Georgia gay teenagers who executed one of the girl's grandparents in cold blood, because they had been forbidden to see each other.

Was there any outrage from homosexuals? Nope, not a peep.
Take for example the case of 13 year Jesse Dirkhising who was murdered by two homosexual men after they used him for unmentionable sex acts. One of the murderers ate a sandwich while the boy lay on the floor dying. Any outrage from the gay community? nope. Not a peep. There was no loss of words. No shock expressed. No candlelit vigils. GLAAD, official keepers of the gay image flame, had one response to the news about the teenager's brutal murder: Christians were responding with homophobia.

But two Iranian teenagers are hanged according to their government's laws, and the outrage is boundless.

The problem I see is that homosexual activists quickly excuse or ignore cases where other homosexual criminals are in the drivers seat, but scream loudly when they are the "victims". It appears all they seek are martyrs (can you say Matthew Shepherd?) much like the terrorists who send suicide bombers in to ravage human life. It's just to advance their agenda, rather than being truly outraged at the loss of any human life. Doesn't that sort of selective devaluing of human life expose the "outrage" as nothing but agenda mongering?

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