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August 30, 2005

AOL, homosexuality and the "black church"

An article exploring the black church and its attitude, actions and perhaps even affinity towards homosexuals and homosexuality was posted on AOL yesterday. I was interviewed for the article via email. Something you may not know: It was written by an openly gay black man, Herndon Davis. Davis, during a presentation at a black church in Denver took the Bible, hurled it to the floor and stomped on it to prove it was not God's word.
Davis told me he wanted a fair and balanced article, but his contempt for traditional biblical of sexuality is seething underneath the "buts" and "yets" in the article.
Davis took a couple of swipes at me, saying I "claim[ed] to be a formerly gay man." The self identification of the homosexuals quoted in the article did not have such doubt consigned to them. Likewise, he seeded doubt on Pastor Donnie McClurkin whose inspirational testimony of overcoming homosexuality is very well known.
Don Johnson, a black former homosexual in New York said Davis' subtle negativity in the article attempted to consign homosexuality to Pastor [Donnie] McClurkin.
Reaction to the article by homosexal blogger Rod 2.0's version of the story so far has been tepid.

If you have a response to the article you can send them to me via email. I'll print intelligent ones, whether pro or con.