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August 24, 2005

BAGLY to gay teens: multilate your genitals

Is this what you really want to happen to your son's body?

Sexually (gender and sexuality) confused teenagers have hell to look forward to. While the homosexual movement morphs into more freakiness as the day goes by, "gay youth centers" are quickly becoming prefreaky headquarters or simply put, portals to a hellish existence. As reported by Massachusetts Resistance, BAGLY (Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Youth) directs kids to websites showing what they can expect when they go under the knife. Of course reading BAGLY's nice, cutesy "about us" won't alarm you. They intentionally make themselves sound like a 24 hour slumber party. Perhaps the emphasis on sex changes can be attributed to the influence of Executive Director "Grace Stowell". Stowell isn't a woman, he's a man pretending to be a woman. As such, Stowell has become a magnet for teenagers who run away from home and end up in BAGLY's gential mutilation preconditioning camp.

"Transgenderism" is one thing that is as strange as the operation itself. "Transgenders" claim they were born opposite of what they were meant to be. So they must have an operation to change them into whatever that is. Gays claim they were born they way they are so they have to make society have an "operation" to make them comfortable as they are. What irony! What foolishness! What deception!
Transgenders=must change
Gays=cant change
No wonder these teens are so confused. Confusion breeds confusion.

The website that BAGLY directs teens to "Transgendercare", is another cruel euphemism for sadistic genital mutilation. For the boy who wants to "become a woman", Transgendercare offers this deflated warning:

"Please note that successful male to female gender reassignment surgery does not create internal structures (organs), but:
Approximates the external appearance of the genitals.
Creates a skin lined vaginal canal.
Provides normal urinary function.
Provides sexual sensation."
Sorry, transgendercare provides no pictures, documentation or even references for the "unsuccessful" cases.

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