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August 24, 2005

MA's 15 issues takes the wind out of "gayversity" arguments

15 Frank Issues to Raise in Homosexual Diversity Training

As a teacher or student, if you are forced to participate in “diversity" or "sensitivity” training, don’t just sit there and let them spoonfeed twisted concepts through manipulative exercises and false information. Raise your hand, bring up the following issues and expose the real nature of what is taking place: they want to force people to accept homosexual behavior, even if some don’t like it and the responsible facts don’t support it.

It’s time to object, question and expose the truth in open and frank discussions. Here are some questions you might ask at appropriate times in the workshops.

For supporting references, see end.

Issue 1: Safety, Bullying and Harassment.
What documented evidence exists to show that “gay” students are more subject to physical attacks than others- not including surveys of impressionable students? Isn’t bullying done for all kinds of reasons? Aren’t you including “verbal” in your definition of harassment, and isn’t this very subjective, i.e., what’s “harassing” to one person is just a free exchange of ideas to another? Aren’t kids who are fat or non-athletic bullied, too? Would this mean that, to stop that type of bullying, we need to teach students that obesity is good and physical fitness is bad?

Aren’t kids involved in homosexuality troubled because of the very nature of what they are doing? Drug abusing kids are also very troubled. Do we legalize drugs to make them feel better? Why can’t we just say in general that harassment and bullying are unacceptable, without forcing acceptance of homosexuality, which has many aspects (like high health risks) that continue to make it unsupportable?

Issue 2. Is Homosexuality Genetic?
There seems to be an assumption here that homosexuals are a fixed minority group. There’s no conclusive evidence that it’s genetic, is there? Can a person go somewhere and get a test for a “gay” gene? Aren’t our bodies clearly built for heterosexual sex? Aren’t there lots of people who’ve gone back and forth, like movie star Anne Heche, former “partner” of Ellen DeGeneres, who recently married a man? What about bisexuality? Isn’t that clearly flexible and an obvious choice?

Issue 3: “Students Can Never Be Influenced to ‘Become’ Gay!”
Are you saying there’s no chance that raising this issue constantly won't influence some students who would never have thought of it otherwise to start experimenting with homosexual behavior and like it? What about those who’ve changed from heterosexual to homosexual-- as all the mid-life changes we are hearing about--Gov. Jim McGreevey of New Jersey, for instance? Are you saying all these people simply performed heterosexually, without enjoying it at all, all those years? Isn’t human sexuality --for good and bad--more malleable than that? What about the pro-homosexual advocates telling our kids it’s okay to be “fluid”?

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