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August 10, 2005


Since homophobia has become such a staple of the social lexicon, I thought it would be humorous to add a few of my own socially charged, homo-oriented terms.

Homoracist /n/ racist, usually a white gay male, who perpetrates a facade of inclusion
Homofied /v/ constructionist revamping of a geographical locale, person, or ideology by gay activists
Homonegative /adj/ non affirmation of the homosexual lifestyle
Homonistic /adj/ of or pertaining to homosexual acceptance
Homoprobe /n/ any study or survey which is overtly biased in favor of gay rights
Homoface /n/ the dual interaction of any two homo-oriented terms
Homotyping /v/ the unfair branding of religious conservatives by gay rights groups
Homotary /n/ a meeting place of homosexuals where unrestricted sexual activity occurs
Homonopoly /n/ a hostile takeover and subsequent dominance by "gay christians" of a once traditional church

I'll be adding to this list as our understanding of homosocial terminology is expanded. Feel free to email me with your own lexicogical suggestions.