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August 09, 2005

gays moralize to heterosexuals who want ssm

Stranger than fiction I tell you. In Toronto, Canada two heterosexual men want to get married. Yeah, you heard me. To each other. Like most gays clamoring for "marriage equality", the two guys simply want the marriage goody bag the Canadian government offers to same sex couples. This is probably as close as you will get to true same sex marriage.
What's even stranger is that gays are chiding the two men because they are not getting married for "love". Imagine that, getting married for love. A noble concept indeed.
Gay activist Bruce Walker pontificates, "Generally speaking, marriage should be for love," he said. "People who don't marry for love will find themselves in trouble."
Walker arrogantly dismisses this new twist on same sex marriage as "foolish".

That's funny. It was the same thing I felt about "gay" marriage. Foolish.

hat tip: Richard

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