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August 01, 2005

I-Witness of ROSMY's corruption

"I use to attend ROSMY, when I was 19.
They do allow teens to hang around gay bars and clubs to pass out hiv kits.I know because I use to do it! Many times freinds of mine would go with older man to there place! Also many of these out reach boys got HIV themselves! Rosmy and groups like SMYAL in DC pay kids to do this! They do not ask if the kids are psychologialy prepared, they just send them! A kid who may be abused may, see a handsome 24 yr old guy and go home with him. He may not even think it would be about sex, but it quickly turns into it! Also the SMYAL in DC, actualy pays teens to do school out reach. SMYAL has been rejected by some groups for lying! [source]

They will not go in saying its a gay group! But they say its a sexual identity group! Ounce Kids enter they think its gonna be about sex! But it turns out to be a full gay 101 sereies! And they do it all with out parents permission! Also ROSMY and SMYAL loved confiendality, which means "no parents". So I have seem parents shoked to see there 15 yr old outside a gay bar at 9 pm at night, while they went grocery shopping!

I only say these things so the gay spin machine will be honest! First groups like ROSMY and SMYAL do provide some good services.They provide, fun places for youth! I watched tv, ate pizza, and met other gusy like me! Yet I was being progrmmed into an activist, and accepting a homsexual identity!

The problem overall is that kids are indoctrinated to be GAY! ROSMY does not even suggest they may be sexualy confused! Also some years ago while I was there SMYAL in DC had a stabbing out side its HQ!

Also many gay teens say they were thrown out for coming out! This may be true but gay activist thrive off of these stories! There has been no real studeis to see how large this number is! By far most parents keep there kids, by law some states force you to. Also gay youth groups foster anti parent resentment. I felt like my parents were bad and evil, si I rebelled more and more!

They did not kick me out but I told people they did , to feel sorry for me! Even though I caused havoc, on my family, I would drink stay out all night! These are things which gay activist do not tell! And who are these new freinds I was with all night, my new ROSMY HIV out reach buddies!

I hope Mr Foster you read trhouh the spin, I am 24 now with HIV today! This a community run by people who have an agenda! The whole community is based on sex, youthful looks, and fetishes! Yes there are families and what I call gays subcultures. But the gay community is powerful because of these elements, sex, troubled youth, and federal HIV dollars to keep it all in place! Its a big pyramid! gaybar.html Glad_Day.html"
Kevin Wsserman** [sic] ** writer's identity has not been verified