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August 23, 2005

No comment

Due to excessive amounts of pornographic links placed in the tracbacks by homosexual activists (or their supporters), Perspectives will immediately transition to a no comment policy. Its a telling sign of the character of homosexual activists who, when faced with such hard irrefutable truth as Perspectives has laid out, resort to what is truly in their hearts: wickedness. For those who want more information, all I can say is "no comment."

08.24.05 - UPDATE POSTSCRIPT: (indulge me, please) Whew! I'm free! My fight with the snakes has ended. Thanks to all who encouraged me to silence their hateful tongues. You were right, having a power struggle with venomous blogtrolls is not a worthwhile occupation. However it did make me aware that I am packing some heavy firepower. Although the snakes at every turn tried to portray me as insignificant, they continued to flock here like moths to the flame. Now, that I have busted these demons (excuse the overtly religious language) in the chops, they will be forced to retreat back into their holes and hiss at me from a distance. There's only one thing you should do with a snake: kill it.

Now, let us move on...