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August 08, 2005

Obsession:I smell hypocrisy

People have been clamoring for this. Its really anticlimatic for me, but I will indulge. Let's talk obsession. Not the scent, but the sentiment.

Here's my take.
Among moderates who are allegedly in the "center" of political thought, homosexuality is an abstract issue unworthy of serious attention. Moderates wonder why all the fuss and why with so many other fundamental issues antagonizing Black America, why waste energies and resources on that?

Liberals on the other hand, see homosexuality as a cause worth dying for. This is a deeply personal issue to them. These are the folks that will march, write passionate (angry) letters to politicians and newspapers, give a chunk of their refund checks to gay causes and call you some of the vilest of names on record if they perceive that you are opposed to "gay rights."

I really don't have a problem with anyone's level of fanaticism over an issue. I mean, this is America. We are a people who will dump your tea out in a hot Boston minute. I mean we'll go "alamo" on you in a hot Texas heartbeat. But I do have a problem when people (mostly lefties) climb up on their ivory thrones of temporary judgment and with thunder and lightening booming away, accuse me and other conservatives of being "obsessed" with homosexuality, gays and lesbians, ad nauseam. That's what David Reinhard, associate editor of the Oregonian says. Its the left who's really obsessed.

"It never fails. You take a stand on a homosexual issue that doesn't toe the gay-lobby line -- and you're accused of being "obsessed" with homosexuality. That is, if you're not also accused of prejudice, bigotry or, egads, homophobia. You oppose gay marriage? Why are you so hung up about gay marriage?
It's an odd question. Why are traditionalists who were just minding their business and happy with the status quo the ones who are "obsessed" with homosexuality? The people pushing to redefine an institution that's been around for millennia would seem to be the obsessive ones."

Obesession is a hard, bitter word to use against someone. But when it comes to homosexuality, lefties wield it like some sort of social excalibur. Its a religious experience for them to climb up and accuse you of obsessing over homosexuality.

Since beginning this blog I've gotten numerous private emails as well as comments accusing me of that very thing. Even though I explained as clear as I could on the left margin (at the top) why I was writing about homosexuality,my words went over their heads.

"Why are you devoting this entire blog to homosexuality?" said Anthony Davis, a self identified black "gay" man. "Why are you so obsessed with this one issue and this one issue alone.", he says. Why be so "adamant about homosexuality?" Fair question, if it is one without ulterior motives.
After "glancing" at my blog, an alarmed Richard Scott wanted to know "What could they[homosexuals] possibly have done to warrant this eradication from the face of the earth?" Im not sure how he got that out of my blog, but like I said some of these people are on the border with this.

Anthony, and perhaps Richard are what I would call representive samples of most folks on the left who harbor this resentment against anyone who talks about homosexuality. To them, making homosexuality a single issue discussion is an unpardonable sin. Here's what they won't tell you: If you talk about gayness in an affirmative way, then you are loving, tolerant, inclusive and will give Mother Terese a run for her money on who gets into the pearly gates first. You are allowed to devote entire blogs, websites, political causes, religious movements, bumper stickers, movies, books, and even music CDs. The left will salute you will all due activist patriotism. You are an activist first class.

You are allowed to talk about homosexuality all day long provided you affirm their beliefs. But if you are opposed to it, then you are summarily pronounced to be "obsessed." How trite. And hypocritical.

Just wondering what all of you who have bored me to death with this airbrushed complaint have against:

  • The L Word - show devoted to lesbianism
  • The Advocate - a magazine devoted to homosexual culture
  • - a website devoted to gay news
  • Freedom Forum - a blog dedicated to listing all of the other gay blogs
  • NLGLA - an professional association which focuses solely on homosexual lawywers
  • HRC- devoted to gay and lesbian "rights"
  • LOGO - a gay cable station devoted to guess what? Yep. gayness.
  • Anthony Antoine - black gay singer who devotes an entire CD to singing about "unabashed sexuality"
  • Exgaywatch - a gay site devoted to er watching exgays Don't these qualify for obsession? Perhaps not according to the hypocrites.

    More on this tomorrow.